Surprisingly, the delivery process can be a traumatic event for a newborn. It is essential for newborns to get checked. There can be over 60-70lbs of pressure on the babies’ cervical spine during delivery so it is crucial to make sure their nervous system is not compromised in the process. This is true for natural deliveries and especially invasive deliveries such as C-section and vacuum deliveries.

On average, children fall 20 times per day. Kids are active running, jumping and playing a variety of sports. Their spines absorb those physical stresses and can become misaligned. Children need to have their spines checked by a chiropractor so proper spinal development can occur. If pressure remains on their nervous systems, it can affect their proper growth and natural healing process.

Through Chiropractic adjustments by your Meriden/Wallingford chiropractor, we can prevent problems from developing and help kids with the following conditions: