You can suffer an ankle injury while out on your morning jog or by falling from your $300 platform stiletto heels as you step off a curb. But no matter how you suffered your ankle injury, it can be painful and problematic if left untreated. Your poor ankle holds a lot of responsibility, it supports your body weight, turns and twists all day long and helps maintain proper balance. With such heavy responsibilities, your ankles need to be performing at optimal level.ankle

A sprain occurs when you roll your ankle outward and the movement damages the ligaments on the outside of your ankle. This is a very common sports injury and, unfortunately, once it has occurred it is likely to recur. An ankle strain occurs when the tendons in the ankle are strained from overuse, stretching or trauma. When an ankle injury occurs, you need to seek treatment.

For a mild injury, stay off your ankle and use an ice pack to reduce swelling. Rest enables the injury to heal faster.

If you suffer severe pain and swelling and cannot put weight on your ankle, you need to see a doctor. There are ankle injuries that require a cast, brace or even surgery.

With any type of ankle injury, you should see your Wallingford chiropractor. Patients will frequently see strong positive results in ankle injuries with chiropractic treatments. Your Wallingford chiropractor understands the way an ankle works and uses treatments to reduce pain, inflammation and promote healing.

Ankle injuries are common, if you suffer an injury, seek the help of your chiropractor.