Think of the electrical system in your house.  When a power surge stresses the system, a circuit breaker trips in your electrical panel located in your basement or garage to prevent your house from burning down.  What if the circuit went to the refrigerator?  The food inside will begin to spoil unless you get the power back.  The problem is not the refrigerator but the power to it.  In this case, the tripped breaker in your electrical panel disrupts the refrigerator’s power source preventing it from operating efficiently.  In regard to your body, when interference (Subluxation) is present in a vertebra of your spine, your nervous system is underpowered.  An underpowered nervous system limits the body’s ability to operate, and your health begins to “spoil”.

You can think of a subluxation as a tripped circuit breaker in your house electrical panel. When you look at the electrical panel, you will see that different areas of your house are powered by different circuit breakers that control power sources. You can see from the top of the breaker panel down, each switch is labeled to correspond with a different area of your house.

Consider your spine to be the electrical panel that contains the circuit breakers of your body, where the top

bones are labeled “eyes, ears, throat, etc.” and as you work your way down your spine, the labels change to correspond with lower parts of your body such as, “shoulders, arms, hands” then “your lungs, heart, internal organs” and finally your “legs, ankles, and feet.” All the life that courses through your body is controlled by these vertebrae, or breakers, located in your spine. When these vertebrae become subluxated, they weigh on the nerve signals that are carried from your brain to every other part of your body through the spinal cord.

The lower back pain that you’ve been having lately is more than it seems in the same way that one tripped fuse in a breaker box affects multiple electrical sources. In order for your body to be the best that it can be, it has to work together and in order for that to be done to its maximum potential the spine needs to be healthy and free of any sort of interference.

The only way to make sure that your spine is working the best it can is to visit the chiropractor and have your spine checked for subluxations in the same way that the only way to make sure your breaker in your house is working correctly is to call an electrician.